Our Raw Dog Food Company specialises in selling raw food for owners who want the most natural way for their dogs & cats to be fed. In today’s society we give our pets commercialised and processed food, disrupting their natural way of feeding. By giving your pet raw food, you will be developing much better health benefits along with a healthier coat and elimination of oral bacteria.

Besides high quality raw pet foods we also sell remedies, chews, treats and other must have products for the discerning dog owner.

Call us on 01603 872000 to place an order or find out more. You can also email your order to rawdogfoodcompany@gmail.com .

Premade Minces & Mixes

Easy premade! Excellent quality and made for convenience!

Bones & Chunks!

We have a massive selection of Raw Bones and Chunks!


Keeping your pets healthy with Omega's, good for coats and general health.


Healthy and true natural treats - perfect for training and spoiling your dog!

Remedies & Supplements

From coconut oil to nosodes and the best grooming supplies and more!

Handy Products

We have a range of very good and handy dog products such as the slow feeder bowl and chews.